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A golf course in Woodmoor, Colorado has long been a dream of homeowners in the area. Vernon Walters planned a course on 133 acres of land. Then he sold the land and started the Woodmoor Open Space Committee, which meets weekly to protect and preserve the open space. Now, the land is slated to be developed, but a majority of it will remain as open space. Fortunately, Woodmoor CO residents have another option.

The County of Jefferson notified residents of the plans for The Beach and a public hearing was held. Nearby residents were concerned that the development would encroach on their parking space. Fortunately, the applicant plans to add three parking spaces and resurface the existing parking area. In the process, the community will see an increase in traffic, although that increase is well within acceptable parameters. Residents of The Cove at Woodmoor were also worried about losing parking spaces.

Originally, the property was zoned R-4, which allowed for 110 townhomes. However, the developers developed only half of the property under this zoning. The two acres immediately west of the current property were developed into The Cove at Woodmoor in 1974. Another four acres were developed as Waterside Condominiums in 1979. The proposed North Bay at Lake Woodmoor will be the remainder of the original R-4 zoning district. The remaining fifty dwelling units under this zoning would have been developed.