The National Museum of World War II Aviation

Located in southern Colorado, the National Museum of World War II Aviation is one of the most exciting historical museums in Colorado Springs. Aviation-lovers from all over Colorado love flocking to this historical aviation museum for the opportunity to view planes from one of the most innovative eras in American history. You’ll find the museum off of Aviation Way. It’s just northwest of the Colorado Springs Airport and just southeast of the Peterson Space Force Base. If you’re an aviation-lover and you’ve never visited the aviation museum, then we highly recommend that you stop by next time you’re in Colorado Springs!  a

The National Museum of World War II Aviation has a variety of vintage airplanes on-site for visitors to admire and learn about as they walk through the museum. Some of the most popular aircrafts include the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, the North American B-25 Mitchell, the SBD Dauntless, and the Republic P47 Thunderbolt. All of the aircrafts at the National Museum of World War II Aviation have been fully restored to their original glory. There are over 20 fully restored aircrafts at the aviation museum, including pre-war and post-war planes. Because of this, the aviation museum is the perfect place for every kind of aviation-lover! 

In addition to vintage, fully restored aircrafts, the museum also offers a variety of unique exhibits. These exhibits house over 4,000 artifacts and historical documents from the World War II era. Visitors can browse these exhibits with their friends, family, and fellow history-lovers and gain a wealth of information about this innovative era. You’ll learn about America’s involvement in World War II as well as the courageous people who were involved in that revolutionary war. You can plan your visit with your loved ones by visiting their website and signing up for a tour. 

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In addition to vintage aircrafts and artifacts, the National Museum of World War II Aviation also houses a variety of antique military vehicles from the World War II era. These fully restored vehicles were once used by U.S. forces and their allies during the war. These antique military vehicles include the Ford GPW, the M3A1 Scout Car, the M2A1 Half Track, and the Chevrolet Airfield Crash Truck. Browse these exhibits today with your friends and family, and enjoy having an up-close-and-personal snapshot of the vehicles that once powered and protected our World War II troops and forces. 

If you love history and antique aviation, then you’ll love the National Museum of World War II Aviation. This historical aviation museum in the heart of Colorado Springs is the perfect place for aviation-lovers and history-lovers alike. Schedule your visit to the museum today, and experience all that this aviation museum has to offer!   

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