The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a popular zoo in Colorado Springs. With a variety of exotic animals and plenty of family-friendly activities, this charming zoo in southern Colorado attracts visitors from all over the state. The zoo offers a variety of exclusive experiences, including giraffe-feeding and the up-close-and-personal Budgie Buddies attraction.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is located off of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Rd. You’ll find it just north of Old Ski Run and just southeast of the Chamberlain Upper Trailhead. This exciting zoo is one of the most popular zoos in the state of Colorado. So, if you’ve never visited this zoo, then we highly recommend that you stop by for a visit with your friends and family members!

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers a unique, exotic zoo experience right here in Colorado. One of the most popular animal attractions at the zoo is the giraffe-feeding station. Visitors can purchase giraffe food and feed the giraffe herd. The attraction allows you to be eye-level with a giraffe and interact with them face-to-face! This exhibit is particularly popular amongst kids, who get a kick out of trying to pet the giraffes as they hand them a graham cracker or a piece of lettuce. If you have kids, then bring them down to the giraffe exhibit and let them experience giraffe-feeding first-hand!

Another popular attraction is the Budgie Buddies exhibit. “Budgies” are small, parakeet-like birds that are extremely social and extremely friendly. The Budgie Buddies exhibit is a walk-in aviary that allows you to walk alongside the budgies and even feed them if you so desire. You can purchase food at the beginning of the attraction, or just enjoy walking through the aviary with your friends and loved ones.

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But one of the most popular attractions is by far the sky-ride experience. You’ll be able to view the entire zoo and the various animal exhibits while riding in a comfortable, ski-lift-like chair with your loved ones. You’ll get a bird’s-eye-view of the entire zoo and of the gorgeous Colorado scenery in the distance. The sky-ride runs for most of the year, but it is most enjoyable in the Spring and Summer months. Bring your friends and your favorite snack, and enjoy soaring over the zoo while riding in a comfortable, cushioned seat!

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If you’ve never visited this gorgeous zoo in southern Colorado, then don’t wait! Visit today with your friends and family members, and experience all that this beautiful zoo has to offer! If you’re an animal lover, you’ll be blown away by the interactive exhibits and the wide variety of exotic animals. You’ll especially love the zoos large, yet comfortable size and its wide number of exhibits and attractions. But don’t just take our word for it! Why not experience it for yourself? Visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo today for a southern Colorado-exclusive experience! Whether you’re visiting with your kids, your parents, your friends, or just by yourself, you’ll love everything that this gorgeous mountain zoo has to offer!