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Palmer Lake

The city of Palmer Lake CO is situated in the state of Colorado. The city was established in 1889 and has since become a railroad hub, summer resort, gold mining town, and ranching community. It is a funky place to live with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and rolling prairie. If you are looking for a place to retire or relocate to, Palmer Lake, CO is the right place to be. Here are some things to know about this place.

The city’s median age is 40.1 years. While native-born residents are generally 38 years of age or older, foreign-born citizens are a little older, at 42. The average resident age in Palmer Lake CO was 38 years old in 2018. Those who are foreign-born are most likely to have been born in Mexico, India, or China. There were 18,194 Chinese-born residents in Palmer Lake CO. These statistics indicate that there are not many people in Palmer Lake who are under the poverty line.

The Palmer Lake recreation area features a beach, playground, picnic tables, and the New Santa Fe Trailhead. It also has a walking bridge connecting the town to the lake. You can rent kayaks, paddle boats, or rafts to explore the lake and the surrounding mountains. But it’s best to check with the local laws before going swimming. The New Santa Fe Regional Trail is a great place to get some exercise, while the Palmer Lake Recreation area offers a nice place to relax and take a day off.

The median property value in Palmer Lake, CO was $289,800 in 2019, making it almost double the national average of $240,500. Its homeownership rate is 83.1%, higher than the national average of 64.1%. Residents of Palmer Lake, CO commute an average of 24.8 minutes to work. They also own a vehicle and own two cars. The median property owner in Palmer Lake, CO has two vehicles. When you’re planning a vacation, Palmer Lake, CO is the perfect place to stay.

In addition to the small downtown, Palmer Lake is home to a star that lights up at night. Known as the “Star of Palmer Lake”, this iconic landmark has been lit up for more than 75 years. It is also lit on special occasions, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Independence Day. In addition, there is an annual chili dinner fundraiser that raises funds to replace the lights. The star in Palmer Lake is visible for miles.

In fall 2015, the town stocked the lake with fish and started the process of studying the water quality of the lake. The study continues today as Awake the Lake collects monthly data from monitoring wells, precipitation, and the Town’s water contribution. As a result, Palmer Lake CO has a healthy ecosystem, despite the many problems it faces. Its natural beauty and tranquillity are a great source of community pride and enjoyment.