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Manitou Springs

The Town of Manitou Springs, Colorado, has an active preservation program. The 2001-2002 Manitou Springs Historic Buildings Survey and Inventory is a project that documents the condition of the town’s historic resources. This survey will assist in preservation planning efforts and document the state of the town’s Spencer / Cave neighborhood. It will also be a reference tool for the preservation of Manitou Springs’ historical resources. It is important to note that the Historic Buildings Survey and Inventory does not include all of the Town’s historic resources.

The survey and information-gathering efforts were facilitated by Michelle Anthony. Holly Wilson provided oversight and assistance. Deborah Harrison provided historical information on the town. Nancy Thaler, Kelly Murphy, and Jessy Randall contributed to the research. Diana Ayles provided copies of residential property appraisal records. These sources were important in the research phase. Manitou Springs CO has a rich history. The research team is grateful to all the residents who assisted in this project.

In the late 1800s, Manitou Springs CO began growing as a resort town and a popular tourist destination. This was due in part to the growing number of visitors to the town. The spring waters were believed to cure many ailments, including tuberculosis. The town grew to accommodate the influx of visitors and became a popular destination for tourists and mineral water suppliers. The town became a popular destination for visitors, primarily because of its mineral water.

The Manitou Springs Library, which had a Carnegie-era location, has now relocated to the Manitou Art Center. The library is open to the public, but visitors should bring their library card numbers to access the library. The Manitou Art Center will host the 2022 Manitou Springs Library Lawn Concert Series. This event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday evenings during June and July. For more information, visit the library’s website.

The historic Cliff Dwellings Museum, located at 10 Cliff Road, is a must-see. The museum is a replica of the Cliff Palace, Spruce Tree House, and the Phantom Cliff Canon. It is the oldest building in the town, with a 137-foot-high cannon. The museum has a diverse collection of historic structures and artifacts. Its history is fascinating. The town has a rich history of culture and tradition.

The Seven Falls waterfalls are one of Colorado’s best-known attractions. The Seven Falls, located in the South Cheyenne Canyon, have been included on the National Geographic’s list of internationally-recognized waterfalls. Located in a box canyon with a 1,250-foot-high wall, Seven Falls is a beautiful sight to see. In addition, the Broadmoor Hotel and Spa offers a spa, restaurant, and outdoor activities.