“Help! How do you clean a biohazard? I’m not sure how dangerous it is to clean myself!”

How Do You Clean A Biohazard? - Old World Restoration And Carpet Cleaning
How Do You Clean A Biohazard? – Old World Restoration And Carpet Cleaning

We’re so glad you’re asking this question, and you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’re a team of cleaning and restoration professionals based in Colorado. We specialize in biohazard cleanups and decontamination. We love educating people about cleaning and restoration services so they can feel more comfortable in their homes. So, how do you clean a biohazard? Is it safe to clean on your own? Or do you have to hire professionals to handle the mess? Let’s chat about it.

First, what is a biohazard? 

A biohazard is any substance that poses a threat to the health of a living organism. This includes harmful microorganisms, viruses, toxic chemicals, human or animal bodily fluids or waste, and human blood. While biohazards all have different levels of risk depending on their type, all biohazards are dangerous to humans. If a biohazard makes contact with your skin, mouth, eyes, or lungs, then your health could be at risk and you should seek medical care immediately.

So then, how do you clean a biohazard without getting contaminated? 

First things first: we do not recommend cleaning a biohazard if you do not have the proper equipment and experience! While biohazards such as animal or human waste are typically less harmful and can be cleaned with gloves, other biohazards aren’t quite as forgiving. Harmful chemicals, blood, and bodily fluids must be handled with extreme care, and if you do not have the proper equipment to protect yourself, then you’ll be putting yourself at risk of a dangerous contamination!

So, how do you clean a biohazard without getting contaminated, then?

The best way to handle serious biohazards is by disposing the contaminants into a biohazard bag. But before you can do that, you’ll need to make sure that your skin is completely covered and your nose and mouth are covered. If you are dealing with a harsh chemical, then we would also recommend covering your eyes with medical grade goggles. After you have removed the biohazard substance, disinfect the affected area and dispose of the cleaning materials that made contact with the substance into the biohazard bag as well. Seal and dispose of the biohazard bag after you are finished with it.

Worried about being contaminated? Call a biohazard cleanup specialist.

Like we mentioned earlier, we do NOT recommend cleaning up a serious biohazard spill by yourself. If you are dealing with human blood or a harmful chemical, then you could put yourself in serious danger by attempting to dispose of the substance yourself. Not only that, but if the biohazard isn’t disposed of properly, then the contamination could become worse without you knowing!

If you’ve been wondering, how do you clean a biohazard, then chances are, you don’t have much experience in cleaning up harmful substances. That’s perfectly fine! Biohazard specialists are qualified to handle the harmful contaminants for you so you don’t have to put yourself in danger!

Want to speak with a biohazard cleaning specialist for free? Contact us today and claim your free consultation!  

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