Page: How Do I Negotiate the Best Price for a Used Car?

How Do I Negotiate the Best Price for a Used Car?

Are You Wondering, “How Do I Negotiate the Best Price for a Used Car?”

Negotiating the price of a used vehicle can be tricky. Every used vehicle is a little bit different, and the prices of used vehicles are determined by the car’s age, model, mileage, and overall condition. Because of this, used vehicle prices can often seem like they are set in stone. But they’re not set in stone! While the dealer may want you to think that used vehicle prices cannot be negotiated, they definitely can be. You just have to tip the scales in your favor. When you first walk into a used car dealership, the dealer is the one with the advantage. But you can tip those odds by following these few simple steps. So if you’ve been wondering, “how do I negotiate the best price for a used car”, then you’re in the right place, and we’re excited to help you take back your car-buying power! 

First Things First: Don’t Go in Unprepared

When you first ask yourself, “how do I negotiate the best price for a used car,” you should make sure you’re prepared before going into the situation. The last thing you’ll want to do is start blurting out numbers in the hopes that the dealer will lower the price. This rarely ever works, and it can actually work against you. 

If you’re planning on negotiating the price of a used vehicle, you’ll need to do some market research ahead of time. Be sure to research the actual value of the vehicle that you are considering plus the year, the quality, and the mileage. If you come in to the negotiation with stats and prices in-hand, you’ll have much stronger negotiation power. 

Research the Vehicle’s History Report 

Before beginning the negotiation process, be sure to research the vehicle’s history report ahead of time. If you find that the vehicle has been involved in any kind of accident or has had serious maintenance done in the past, then you’ll have a significant amount of negotiation power to lower the price. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away from the Deal

It’s important to make sure that you don’t come off as “desperate” while negotiating the price of a used vehicle. Dealers are great at sensing this, and they’ll take advantage of it nine times out of 10. 

Inspect the Vehicle Yourself 

Be sure to inspect the vehicle with the dealer. One of the most powerful techniques that you can use while inspecting the vehicle is called the “silent walk-around”. While inspecting the vehicle with the dealer, say nothing and show no emotion as you walk around the vehicle. This devalues the vehicle in the mind of the dealer. If you want to heighten this effect even further, be sure to touch and point to every scratch and ding you can find. 

This goes hand-in-hand with not being afraid to walk away from the deal. If you don’t seem desperate to buy the vehicle, then you’ll devalue the vehicle in the eyes of the dealer even further! 

Still Wondering, “How Do I Negotiate the Best Price for a Used Car?”

We’d be happy to help! Here at Street Smart Auto Brokers, we enjoy quipping Coloradans with the knowledge that they’ll need to get a great deal on a vehicle. So if you’re still wondering to yourself, “how do I negotiate the best price for a used car,” then get in touch with us today!