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Fountain Creek Nature Center

The Fountain Creek Nature Center is a gorgeous park and outdoor recreational area in Colorado Springs. This stunning outdoor park is just 15 minutes south of Downtown, Colorado Springs, and it’s just off of Peppergrass Ln. You’ll find the park just east of N Santa Fe Ave. If you’re traveling north up US-87, you’ll want to get off at exit 132. Turn right onto Mesa Ridge Pkwy. Turn right again onto N Santa Fe Ave and continue heading south until you reach Cattail Marsh Rd. Turn right, and then right again onto Peppergrass Ln. You will then find yourself enveloped in the lush, rolling fields of the Fountain Creek Nature Center! 

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This beautiful nature center has plenty to offer. Thanks to its winding, multi-use trails and creek-side benches, the Fountain Creek Nature Center is great for any kind of nature-lover. Most visitors enjoy walking, hiking, or jogging the paths. You’ll get a great view of some classic Colorado scenery as you make your way through one of the most scenic parks in Colorado Springs. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the park with your friends and family, or venture off on an invigorating hike or run by yourself. Either way, you’ll love experiencing all that the nature center has to offer! 

Another popular activity at the Fountain Creek Nature Center is biking. People from all across COS flock to the nature center for a chance to glide down its scenic pathways on their favorite mountain bikes. If you love to mountain bike, then we highly recommend that you take your favorite bike to the nature center and bike through the most scenic parts of the park with your favorite mountain-biking friends! 

One of the most popular summer activities at the Fountain Creek Nature Center is picnicking. Visitors love sprawling out on a blanket with a basket of food. They also love bringing snacks with them and enjoying them on a bench near the water. The Fountain Creek Nature Center is the perfect place for anyone who loves being out in nature with good food and good company. So bring a basket or a bucket of food and enjoy a refreshing picnic by the water!

If you’ve never visited the Fountain Creek Nature Center, then we highly recommend that you visit with your friends and family members! The best times to visit the nature center are the Spring and Summer months. Many regulars also enjoy visiting the park during the early Fall months as well. If you’ve been looking for your new favorite spot for hiking, biking, walking, jogging, or picnicking, then this gorgeous nature may just be the perfect place for you! Visit the nature center today, and experience it first-hand with your loved ones!   

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