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Cimarron Hills

If you’re thinking of moving to the beautiful town of Cimarron Hills, CO, consider these facts. The city’s average home price is $379,659, while the average monthly rent is $1,138. Residents are divided into two main groups, according to their housing situation. 70% of the people live in single-family homes, while the rest rent apartments. The average salary for a high school teacher in Cimarron Hills, CO, is $43,428 per year. The city is located in the Mountain Time Zone, and wireless internet speeds average 97 Mbps. The nearest coastline is 716 miles away and the nearest airport is 4 miles away. Cimarron Hills, CO has a great road network and low traffic.

The number of workers per household in Cimarron Hills, CO has increased by 9.68% between 2018 and 2019. This means that there are more jobs than there were people in the city. The top three employment sectors in Cimarron Hills, CO include health care and social assistance services, retail trade, and fast food. The rest of the population works from home. The most common means of transportation are car ownership, but this is not a complete picture.

A majority of Cimarron Hills, CO residents are US citizens. This percentage is down from 96.8% in 2018 and is below the average for neighboring and parent geographies. Cimarron Hills is home to a large number of military personnel who served in the Gulf War. This figure is twice as large as that of any other conflict. Although most residents of Cimarron Hills, CO are US citizens, the percentage of military personnel who have served in the military is still high, and is 2.22 times higher than the national average.

Moreover, the average air quality in Cimarron Hills, CO is good 67% of the time and is generally 244 days out of a year. Cimarron Hills, CO’s water quality index is 100 out of 100, and the Dwellics team calculates the index by looking at the number of acute health violations in the area over the past five years. The area’s school quality is determined by several key factors, including math and reading proficiency, the number of teachers per student, and the percentage of STEM/non-STEM students in the area.

In order to be classified as unemployed, a person must be actively seeking employment. This is also known as the official unemployment rate (U3). The Cimarron Hills area has 28% of its residents, who are neither employed nor looking for work. While this number may seem inflated, it doesn’t necessarily mean that crime is a larger problem than it actually is. Crime happens wherever people are. The rate of crime in Cimarron Hills CO is 28%.

In Cimarron Hills, CO, the median household income is $64,780. This is significantly lower than the national median of $65,712 for all households. Despite the low income, however, there are many reasons for this discrepancy. A person must make more than the median income in Cimarron Hills CO to qualify for government aid. The Census Bureau uses a set of income thresholds to determine if a person meets the eligibility criteria for assistance. These thresholds differ depending on age, occupation, and education.